Milan Wiedemann

Experimental Psychology, Open Science, R


Most of the time I make videos for fun but I also create videos as a part-time research assistant for the Oxford Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma (OxCADAT).

Video abstracts

My colleague Urška Košir and I recently reviewed the literature to find out why some adolescent cancer survivors have a harder time adapting to life after illness, see here. To share this with the wider public we filmed a short video summarising our findings. See our video below 🎥

Videos for online treatments

I’ve mainly worked on creating videos for a newly developed online therapy for PTSD. A pilot paper desrcibing the treatment is available here. Below is a short video giving an overview of the internet program.

Videos for training therapists

I was involved in filming and editing videos to help therapists treat clients using specialised cognitive therapies for Social Anxiety Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. To see the videos and other resources go to the OxCADAT Resources website.

Videos of workshops

Here is a video I created for the Changing Lives workshop where experts from different fields discussed how children growing up in adversity can thrive in Britain. This video was created for the The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities Humanities Divison (TORCH).